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Free TCP Analysis Poster

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

The Chappell University team will be joining our Partner in Technology Education, Profitap, at Stand 3233 at RSA 2019 in San Francisco!

In preparation for RSA, I've created a TCP Analysis architectural poster that we'll be giving away (signed and unsigned) to the first folks who come to Stand 3233 at the event.

This 18"x24" color poster (see below) depicts the fields of the TCP header and includes details on:

- TCP options

- Relative Sequence Numbering in Wireshark

- TCP Flag settings (including Nonce, CWR, and ECE)

- Hot Wireshark filters for TCP analysis

- SYN, SYN/ACK, and ACK header structures

- Retransmissions vs. Out-of-Order designations in Wireshark

- Window Scaling functionality

- Header padding requirements

- Sequence and Acknowledgment function

- Selective Acknowledgment function

- Initial Round Trip Time (iRTT) measurement in Wireshark

TCP analysis poster in office
Now that looks cool!

Thanks much to Jim Aragon for editing services and Eduardo Pedreira for the artistic rendering.

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