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“You wanted to see me?”

Fleur waited in the doorway, drumming fingertips on the polished wood of the frame, awaiting the reply.

Lily looked up from her papers and smiled “Entrez.

“I come bearing gifts,” Fleur said, setting down a porcelain cup of tea among the detritus on Lily’s large mahogany desk: endless documents, newspapers with positive reviews of the club, bright swatches of fabric and fringe.

“Oh, bless you,” Lily breathed, reaching for the cup. “How do you always know when I need a little boost?”

Fleur put her hand on her lover’s, happy that she could please her in such small but significant ways. “I know you, sweetheart.” As Lily took a long sip, Fleur tucked her dress under her and settled in the chair on the other side of the desk. “How are our numbers?”

“Better than ever, actually. Is this mint?” When Fleur nodded, Lily smiled. “I had no idea that balancing my father’s books since I was old enough to see over his desk would prepare me for running a speakeasy!” Setting the cup down and leaning over the desk, she picked up Fleur’s hand and kissed it. Though it was barely three o’clock, Lily was mired in paperwork and Fleur was rehearsing in the empty club, a frisson of desire ran through Fleur.

If Fleur was being honest, it’s why she came in here in the first place.

“Uh-oh,” Lily said, her little smile growing. She was wearing Fleur’s favorite red lipstick from Woolworth’s. “You’ve got that twinkle in your eye.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Fleur put a hand to her chest, feigning innocence. “I just wanted to bring you a cup of tea.”

“Mmmhmm.” Lily’s raised eyebrow showed she saw right through Fleur. “That’s it? Nothing else?”

Fleur pressed her lips together, shook her head from side to side. Her newly bobbed hair brushed her cheeks. “Scout’s honor.”

“Well,” Lily said, getting up from the desk and making her way over to Fleur. Just the sway in her hips led Fleur’s mind to unmentionable places, and Fleur wiggled in her chair with anticipation. “What am I supposed to do with you, then? I’ve already finished my tea.”

Fleur patted her lap, and hiking up her dress just the slightest bit, Lily straddled her, stroking Fleur’s cheek.

Their mouths met, soft at first, gentle and sweet, then gradually increasing pressure. Lily slipped her tongue in Fleur’s mouth and Fleur tasted a burst of mint, energizing and sensual all at once. They were alone, no deliveries expected, the door locked, so Fleur had no compunctions about pulling Lily’s dress over her head, pushing aside the satin cups of her brassiere to take one nipple in her mouth, then another.

“Oh, my love,” Lily cooed, and Fleur marveled at the change from the shy gal who’d sweetly rubbed her neck backstage to the confident woman in charge, now co-managing the speakeasy with one hand tied behind her back. Fleur feasted on her glorious breasts, savoring the soft skin in between sucking the sharp points of Lily’s nipples and listening to her breathy sighs. She’d been working so hard.

Still clad in her pearlescent lingerie, Lily knelt on the wood floor in front of Fleur’s chair and insisted, “Let me take care of you.” Stroking Fleur’s knees, her fingers gentle but confident, she separated Fleur’s legs. “Oh my,” Lily mused. “Just stockings today, hmm?”

Fleur shrugged, giggling. “Didn’t feel like wearing panties.”

“That’s just dandy by me,” Lily murmured, lowering her head to dip in between Fleur’s legs. Just the sight of her, peach-shaped derrière in the air, red hair disheveled, was enough to make Fleur crave her more.

Taking Lily’s head in her hands, Fleur pushed her lover’s face between her legs, encouraging Lily to take her fill. And Lily did just that, her hungry mouth devouring, tongue traveling slowly up Fleur’s slit before sucking on her hardened bud with abandon.

“Oh Lily,” Fleur groaned, throwing her head back, stroking Lily’s velvety red hair and opening her legs wider. Moving her hips just as she did every night to the music of the band, Fleur savored the sunbeam streaming through the high leaded-glass windows of Lily’s office, the light jasmine scent of the perfume she’d picked out just for Lily, wafting through the air with the aroma of Fleur’s own desire.

As Lily slid one finger, then two, inside, the gentle figure eight of Fleur’s hips became a frantic thrust.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Fleur cried out, riding Lily’s elegant long fingers and her lovely heart-shaped face, seeing stars on the high ceiling as she sobbed out a thoroughly satisfying climax.

Lily needed two things: a dinner break and Charles’s cock.

Both could be found at their shared flat in Lincoln Park, where she headed after kissing Fleur good-bye, promising to be back in time to catch her early set. But after that lovely tea break, she was starving, in more ways than one.

“Hello?” She poked her head in. Her heels click-clacked on the tiles they’d just had installed, using a guy that Hal – her handsome ex-boss, now happily married with a baby on the way – had recommended.

“In here.”

Charles’s voice had the distinctive scratch of just waking up – they’d tied one on last night to celebrate the bandleader’s birthday, and he was overseeing things at the club tonight while Lily turned in early. They worked as well together out of bed as they did in it, but for now, Lily didn’t want him going anywhere.

“Stay where you are, Charlie,” she called, her voice sultry. “I’ll come to you.”

“Mmmm,” he murmured as Lily kissed him thoroughly and deeply, pulling her dress over her head for the second time in as many hours. “Someone’s been playing with Fleur,” Charles remarked, burying his face in her neck.

“Afternoon tea break,” Lily said with a saucy grin, looking down at her sleep-mussed, shirtless man, whom she was now straddling, still wearing her new heels.

Taking his cue like a good boy, Charles flipped her over. “Care for a nibble, madam?”

“Do your worst,” Lily breathed as he dropped light, feathery kisses on her mouth, then her neck, biting her earlobe before sliding down the strap of her brassiere to use his mouth on her now-bare shoulder.

Now that they were both under the sheets with the escort from devozki, Lily reached down, pleasantly surprised to find Charles both nude and hard as a rock. “Here’s what I want,” she whispered, fluttering her fingers around his shaft as he groaned his assent. Lily fisted his thick cock, wanting him inside her so badly but enjoying their teasing.

Suddenly Charles took both of her hands and pinned them above her head.

“Is this good for you, doll?” he asked, and under the roughness of his voice Lily heard the genuine question, knowing he’d release her anytime she asked. But she nodded – he’d never held her down like this before and Lily, as always, was curious to see exactly where it went.

She didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh, Charles!” Lily cried as he gave her exactly what she’d been wanting since she left the club. Her inner walls squeezed around his thickness as he mounted her, moving as deep inside as he could go, hitting – oh, what was that? – a spot he never had before, in a way that immediately filled her with intense pleasure.

“Just like that,” Lily said, her eyes fixed on his, wrapping her legs around him as tightly as she could, arching her back so she could get the full effect, so powerful it was almost uncomfortable, but in a way Lily found she loved. Bucking her hips as Charles pounded away, never tearing her gaze from his, Lily watched a wondrous smile grow over his face and knew that she was making a similar expression. Together, in their bed on a late March afternoon, they were soaring to new heights.

“Please,” Lily moaned as Charles clenched her wrists, an exquisite pain she knew she’d remember always. “I need you now.” Taking her cue, Charles began thrusting, harder and faster and more, until the feeling within Lily became too much to bear and she shattered into a million pieces, his hardness piercing her again and again and again until Charles, too, threw his head back and roared his finish before collapsing on top of her.

She stroked his hair as they caught their breath in tandem, the pounding of their hearts barreling through the silence.

Charles propped himself up, smooched Lily’s lips until she giggled. “Good for you, my doll?”

“Yesssss,” she purred, resting her head on the goosedown pillow and closing her eyes, pleasure thrumming through every inch of her body. “Very, very good.”

Laughing, Fleur and Lily pushed Charles back on the bed.

“It’s four a.m.!” he protested, but he was laughing too. Running a successful club, late nights like these were de rigeur for the three of them. Lily’d ended up staying out all night after all, lured in by the power of the club and her two lovers.

“Never stopped you before, daddy,” Fleur purred, leaning down to kiss him. Her cheeks were flushed – her new dance had gone beautifully, leaving both Lily and Charles marveling at the grace of their woman as they toasted with champagne in the back of the room, watching the patrons gape in awe. Now, her pretty mouth was on his and he could taste the stars on her tongue.

Meanwhile, Lily was undoing his trousers with the same eagerness as when she’d climbed into bed just hours ago.

How in God’s name did Charles get so lucky?

“Do anything you like,” he managed to choke out as Fleur unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off as easy and seamlessly as she doffed her sequined costumes in front of a cheering crowd. Only now it was just the three of them and Charles couldn’t wait to see what his two ladies had in store.

“You first, Lily,” Fleur giggled. Lily popped up to give her a long, lingering kiss and Charles’ already stiff cock got even harder at the sight. So much better than the stag films he used to watch with his pals on long, lonely nights with stolen liquor.

This was real.

“Just like that, doll,” Charles moaned as Lily’s sweet pink mouth enveloped his cock. He watched her, this insatiable farm gal, on her knees taking him all in, tickling his balls with her red-painted fingernails just right, working him over with that irresistible combination of lust and determination that was so uniquely Lily.

“Suck him deeper, sweetheart,” Fleur purred, massaging Charles’s bare shoulders. With one woman’s mouth working magic and another’s hands, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last without blowing his top.

As if reading his mind – and who knows, maybe she could after all these months – Lily released Charles’s cock from her mouth with a pop and let Fleur take over.

“This is the best night of my life,” he groaned as he thrust into Fleur’s mouth, smaller than Lily’s but just as skilled. He was tantalized by the sight of her dark hair, the love in her eyes as she looked up at him adoringly. As Fleur took him in her mouth and hands, Lily kept Charles’ mouth busy, taking his face in her delicate palms and kissing him sweetly, almost innocently.

His women were so very filthy, and Charles wouldn’t have it any other way.

He moaned into Lily’s mouth and began to fuck Fleur’s in earnest, begging her to cup his balls. She did so, resting another hand on his inner thigh and the softness, the sucking, the two beautiful mouths doing just what he liked, Charles knew he was about to finish, and finish hard.

Tearing his mouth from Lily’s, Charles felt his climax build and build to the point of exquisite pain, until he began to release, hard and fast, finding Lily’s mouth again for a sloppy, wet kiss, fisting Fleur’s hair as her moan vibrated around his cock, crying out and seeing pure white as they finished another night in their swell, sparkling life together.

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