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Major ESA animals and their characteristics - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals help people with mental health and emotional issues. ESAs reduce the negative symptoms and implications of mental health problems. They help reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration and improve mood. ESAs are used by people with different health conditions such as depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, manic disorder, sleep problems, and mood disturbances. Different animals can be used for emotional support but an emotional support animal letter is the most popular choice. But there are a large number of options available for people looking to get an ESA.

The most preferred choice for emotional support animals include cats and dogs but you may also select other options such as miniature pigs, miniature horses, snakes, ferrets, squirrels, hamsters, donkeys, peacocks, ducks, spiders, hedgehogs, goldfish, parrots, goats, chicken, turkey, and bearded dragons.


Most people are scared of snakes and they can’t imagine being near them, but for some reptile lovers, snakes can be amazing ESAs. If you want to get an ESA snake, just remember to get an esa letter for housing so your landlord won’t bother you. They have many unique qualities that make them great emotional support animals.

Snakes do not take a lot of room and they can be kept in a small cage. The size of the cage would depend on the size of the snake but usually, it can be the size of an aquarium.

They do not cause any allergies that are common with most dogs and cats.

They do not have fur or hair that gets in everything and they are much easier to clean.

They are low maintenance ESA that do not require to be taken out for walks

Snakes are odorless as they do not have body hair, so they are great for people who can’t tolerate smells.

The gripping and coiling of a snake around your arm or body can have an anxiety-relieving effect.

Bearded dragon

For some people, bearded dragons can feel like a nightmare but for others, these animals are amazing friendly pets. They are not very common pets like snakes but they are used as ESA for their positive health effects.

They are small in size and take up less space which makes them ideal for small accommodations.

They don’t need regular walks or grooming like cats or dogs which makes them low maintenance.

They are also hypoallergenic as they do not have body hair so they are suitable for people with allergies.

They are social and friendly animals with a laid-back personality that has a calming effect on people.

They are also good for traveling with you and they can be good icebreakers in conversations for people with social anxiety.

Miniature pigs

Pigs are considered to be nasty and noisy farm animals but they serve as great emotional support animals. Pigs have an affectionate sociable and fun-loving nature.

They help reduce anxiety attacks and stress of the people struggling with anxiety. They can fit into your home easily but you would need an ESA Letter to avoid any complaints from your landlord. They are small in size and can be easily cuddled which has a calming effect.

Miniature pigs can make friends with other animals such as cats and they also attract positive attention from other people when you take them out. But make sure to keep your miniature pig safe from dogs as they are their natural predators.

If a miniature pig is properly trained it can walk with a leash and go out in public spaces without causing any problems. You may also take your pig on transport if it is clean and trained.

However, if the pig is not trained it would not be able to walk on the footpath as it would keep on distracting and looking for food scraps on the path. Pigs are constantly hungry and looking for food so they have to be trained to be taken out in public.

Miniature horse

Horses can be great emotional support animals as they offer great companionship and support. Miniature horses are adorable, intelligent and incredibly active animals. They have many unique characteristics and qualities.

Having a miniature horse is especially beneficial for people who love the outdoors. You should get a miniature horse if you have some garden or backyard space for your ESA. They have to be taken out for walks in nature regularly.

Going out with a miniature horse also increases the physical activity and fitness of the owner. It allows opportunities for greater social interaction and communication. Resultantly it is good for people with anxiety and social shyness.

ESA chicken

ESA chickens are another uncommon kind of emotional support animal. They can be great ESA due to multiple reasons.

They have unique personalities that can be loud, fun, or curious.

Chicken can make you laugh with their adorable actions, such as chasing around each other or catching an insect.

You may be surprised to know that chickens can be trained to follow you on voice command.

Chickens are adorable and very social animals. They can be handled, stroked, cuddled, and hugged like other ESAs. This can significantly calm a person and reduce anxiety.

They are very vocal and produce a variety of sounds and displays which can make you hooked to them.

So you see, all emotional support animals provide several benefits to their owners with their unique qualities and personalities. You can choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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