Become a Wireshark Guru!

"We are pleased to bring this course to Global Knowledge/UK, our Chappell University EMEA training partner. Register soon and join me in-class or remotely and learn to detect the top causes of network performance problems using Wireshark."

- Laura Chappell

Global Knowledge UK

TCP/IP Network Troubleshooting with Wireshark

This course is designed as a “bring your own laptop” course – students must bring their own laptops with the latest version of Wireshark pre-installed. Students learn to master key Wireshark features and functions for troubleshooting networks more efficiently. In addition, students will customize Wireshark to quickly identify delays, application errors, and TCP problems.

November 12 - 14

London - Old Broad Street

Why should you listen to your network with wireshark?

​Do you (or your boss) need to know why Wireshark should be added to your network toolkit?

Watch this short (<5 min) video to find out who uses Wireshark and what problems Wireshark can help you solve.

"It's one of the best network tools for our network engineers."

Join Laura Chappell, world-renown Wireshark analyst, instructor, and author for this class!

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