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Check Out the Ultimate .pcapng

Are you looking to test Wireshark with a variety of packet types? Do you need to show someone the packet structure a specific protocol uses?

It's time to download the Ultimate .pcapng (aka "The Ultimate PCAP") created by Johannes Weber.

This file contains samples of many standard protocols and packet types seen on today's networks.

The file is extremely helpful when you need to share a packet structure with others but don't have the time to sort through trace files to find the one of interest.

Wireshark Protocol Hierarchy window

As of January 17, 2024, the Ultimate .pcapng file contains over 40,000 packets.

text Try this!

After you launch the file, select Statistics | Protocol Hierarchy. This is a quick way to peruse the packet types. When you find the protocol of interest, right-click on it and select Apply as Filter | Selected. Wireshark applies a display filter in the Protocol Hierarchy window based on your selected protocol.

Visit to learn more about and download the Ultimate .pcapng.

Thanks to Johannes Weber for this cool trace file!



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