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Wireshark v4 Profile Templates

When Wireshark v4 was released, I received a number of emails complaining about the new layout (Packet Details side-by-side with Packet Bytes pane). Some people seemed unhappy that the new layout was applied to all their previously-created Wireshark profiles.

I get it. It looks ugly when the Packet Bytes pane overlaps the Packet Details pane on those previously-saved profiles.

This is an easy one to fix and leads nicely into a discussion about customizing Wireshark.

Simple solutions:

  • Click and drag the Packet Bytes pane to the right.

  • Edit | Preferences - choose the first layout to return your profile to the previous configuration

  • Build a Profile Template and create all new profiles based on that template.

Here's a short video showing how to build and use a Profile Template (and even add in one of my favorite columns).


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