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A Quick Wireshark Challenge

Updated: Jun 20

Test your Wireshark skills. Answers will be posted next week.

wireshark screen with shark overlay

Grab chappell-WChallenge012024.pcapng and take a few moments to answer the following 10 questions in this Wireshark Challenge.

This trace file was taken on Fred's machine.

1. What tool was used for the capture process?

2. What is Fred's machine's IPv4 address?

3. What is Fred's machine's Ethernet address?

4. What is/are the IP address(es) of the DNS server(s)?

5. What operating system is running on Fred's machine?

6. Is Fred likely located on the East or West coast of the US?

7. What browser is Fred using?

8. In what sport is Fred interested?

9. In what team is Fred interested?

10. What TLS version(s) does Fred's machine support?


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